Barbershop Coat of Arms

Tradition. Today.

Merging current trends with old-school feel

Welcome to UBS Barbershop

The online space to get inspiration for your cut, check out information about our groove, or find out what makes us who we are.

The men of Vancouver have style. And since 2012, they have a place with UBS Barbershop let that style come out. Gone are the 90's where men who cared about their looks were sent to fancy salons to get 'frosted tips' and undercuts (though ladies have kinda taken undercuts back for themselves).

This is the new generation. Men have taken back control of their style and now have a community of like-minded men that share their passion. A place where your beard is revered. Where your fade is A-Grade. This is where you can feel equally welcome getting a straight-forward cut or a quick trim alongside someone getting a straight-razor shave or a razor-line part. This is where you come to get your conversation. This is where you come to take care of your style.

This is UBS Barbershop.